Starting Over

Wow! Two blog posts in one day!! This won’t be the norm (at least not for now) but today is special. It’s the day I finally posted to my brand new blog and in truth this is the post I should have started off with. My welcome to the blogging world! Ok, another truth is I’ve been here before, not here here but I’ve blogged before. I’ve started and given up. I’d be ashamed of this fact had I not dusted myself off and started over! After all, that is life is it not? If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again!

What’s different this time?

I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to fail. I’d rather try and try again than to admit defeat. In the past I would post what I would think was THE BEST POST EVER! But I’d get nothing in return, no followers, no comments not even a like. How discouraging? I’d stumble on other peoples blogs which to me seemed uninteresting and yet they would have a mass following. What were they doing differently? In my search I found that they persevered. They wanted it, they did it over and over without fail, they worked tirelessly at it and the audience came. I also learned that sometimes the timing isn’t right. I don’t think I wanted it enough before. But believe me when I say I sure do want it now.

My message is simple.

I want to encourage you. That’s it. Encourage you to love yourself, encourage you to love others. I want you to believe in yourself. My motto is to encourage, empower, and inspire and so that is what I want this site to be about. Whether it be about healthy eating, working out, changing our bad habits and reframing the way we think, I want to help you with that.

So you’ve got it all figured out?

Not at all actually, but this is what prompted it all. In my pursuit of my best life I thought why not learn and share in the process. I mean I’ve always been an optimistic, happy, fun loving person and a lover of people and so why not turn my passion into something tangible. Something people can pull from. And that is what I hope you can find here.

Who am I?

I am Danie O. A young lady with several passions one of which is to positively entertain the masses. Whether it be by informing you, showing you how to make cool things in a fun way, making you laugh or making you think of something in a different perspective and changing your perception from a negative to a positive that is what I aim to do.

Alright so here’s some homework, I want you to take these affirmations below and repeat them to yourself every time you’re feeling down until you believe them to be true and watch them manifest themselves in your life!


I am equipped

I am Empowered

I am excited for my future!