21 days to being my better self challenge!

Wow, I haven't been on this for a while and although I am ashamed to admit that, I am also taking the necessary steps to changing that beginning with this post!

So 21 days to being my true self! What is that about right? well it's exactly what it is, really!

I have long and forever struggled with being my authentic self. I think most will relate to being unauthentic at some point in our lives. It was something I thought I would out grow like an old pair of paintsbut to be honest not only have I outgrown my pants (I'm working on that too) I have not entirely outgrown this concept of being unauthentic. Don't get me wrong, on most days I'm totally myself but as of late (because I'm doing a lot of self evaluating) I realize that my personality can shift depending on where and who I'm with.

For instance, I recently started working in a place where we speak French. Every dialog , every meeting, every encounter is in the French language. Now a bit of background, I grew up speaking French, as a matter of fact French is my first language. What had happened was, we just spoke more English and didn't use French as much, we went to college in English, worked in English, every encounter was in English and so French really took a back seat. Now fast forward, here I am in a very French environment where people speak flawless (or what seems like flawless French) and I find myself feeling inadequate like my French doesn't measure up. The truth is I just need some polishing up, I mean, I survived the French interview and they hired me so I'm obviously capable but even knowing that I can still find myself in a meeting feeling inadequate and I'll shrivel away and not voice any of my super dupper great ideas because of what they might think of my French speaking abilities! Thus resulting in me looking like the girl who can't speak or contribute when that is very far from the truth.

I'm bubbly, I'm innovative, I'm smart, I'm capable but they won't see that because my discomfort with myself has created this other person who is far from who I truly am. And it's not about them but really it's about me. That is not who I am. Now this is just one example of many other ways that I dim down who I am to appease my surroundings or come off as someone else because I haven't accepted myself in the first place and I HATE IT! It's like I'm 13 again!

So what am I going to do? Challenge myself to be my true, vibrant, unapologetic ally corky self and I would like to encourage you to do the same. Be you! When you deny yourself of being your true self you deny your destiny, your purpose to unfold. You live a life you don't want. You don't know how you got there meanwhile you put yourself there because you were too busy being true to everyone but you. That's why it is important to find yourself, who you are and what God created you for.

\Why 21 days? Because they say that's about how long it takes to drop a habit or create a new one and it's obviously labeled as a challenge because it isn't an easy task but as they say, all good things are worth fighting for. God didn't create me to be a generic or modified version of someone else. He created me because my uniqueness was needed to contribute something in this world and my ancestors and so many more have fought to hard for me to not be myself and attain my purpose.

Anyways, here are a few steps on what I plan on doing in the days to come and these are really to be used to promote healthy thoughts and habits in order to live my life authentically. It's really all in the mind and so you are going to have to get really conscious about your thoughts. "Urgh! I suck!­" Stop! This is one of those common lies we tell ourselves that eventually become true to us and you need to stop! The thought comes and you need to catch it and turn it around quick! "I do not suck, this needs improvement but it was a good start, I'll get better with time and practice". Be your own self coach. Nobody else will do it for you. Seriously, most people are in line waiting to shred you down (and even if they aren't the validation of others is poisonous) Don't do that to yourself. I am currently reading You are A Badass by Jen Sincero and Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer and I'm pulling all of these steps that truly resonated with me from there. I encourage you to read the books and try out some of these steps. I believe you will be glad you did. You are worth fighting for and YOUR life awaits! And it's way cooler than you even realize! I'm going to make mines count!

Here are some things I'm starting to implement and I am beginning to see positive changes in myself already. **Note I'm at day 5

Accept who you are

Stop telling yourself lies

Affirm yourself

Learn to control your thoughts

Look out for challenge progress entries and feel free to share tips that have worked for you or maybe areas you may need encouragement in. Lets all help each other out!

Danie xo

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