Why You Should Keep A Journal

As you may know, I'm on this 21 day challenge to improve myself and boy can I tell you that it has not been easy. Now, if you didn't know feel free to check out my previous post to see what that's all about ;)

As the challenge comes to an end, I can say I learned a lot. I have been journaling the whole process with daily inspirations that I plan on sharing once I'm done but all that to say that my eyes are opened to this newer version of myself and I'm excited! I am excited for my future :)

I'm learning about the lies I've convinced myself of and have allowed myself to live out every single day. I'm ripping out the bad and valuing the good. I'm aware of the poison that I have allowed to suppress my hopes and dreams. And no more! I'm taking back control. I'm learning to control my mind.

I can go into detail here but I'll save that for my 21 days entry (Stay tuned!). My point really of coming here is to address how therapeutic writing has become for me and how it can be for you. This is not to say I wasn't writing to myself before it's just reached a new level. The writing of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, things that inspire me, goals and plans has been so helpful in me seeing the world with a newer lens. I want to encourage you all to take some time and write things down. Write down your hopes your visions. Map out some goals and how you want to go about achieving them. Do you remember the reasons they told us to take notes in school? I'm talking about the notes that you already had the print outs to? Because it helped make it stick in your head! Often we stunt our life progress because we lack the drive to do the work. We go through life with ZERO plan. Remember this: IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. Now let that marinate as I keep pounding this in your mind lol

Why do you think Football coaches write out plays? Is it because they can't simply explain the game plan to the players? I mean obviously BUT it's easier to visually map out something and demonstrate it and refer to it when need be when you write it out! And I don't know if you are familiar with the NFL but I mean it's working for them right?

Honestly, I remember hearing about how good it was to write or to keep a journal in the past and I was like "That's for losers!" as I sat on a losing team :( But you live and you learn and I have learned! It's eye opening and it leads to feeling empowered, aware and encouraged.

In a recent video post I talk a bit more about why I write + it also includes a giveaway (closing soon/Journal and pen pictured above) where I give the gift of a pen and journal to an opportune viewer so that they too can get on a new writing journey, see link:

I like it so much that I have to share it with someone else! I get it, it's not for every one, but if I could help even one person add a bit more perspective to their life it would all be worth it!

Do you journal? What do you write about? How has it helped you? Share! And of course rise & reign!

Danie xo