Stay In Your Lane

This is a lesson I hear all the time but for some odd reason I always require to be reminded and schooled on it in different seasons in my life.

It's the lesson of not compairing myself to others and not allowing others to dictate what course my life should take. If not learned, it's something that can set you up to fail or just set you back from what you need to do when you should be doing it.

I'm the queen of comparison. I'm not proud of this but it is definitely one of my biggest flaws. "Katty has three babies, aw man I only have one!" Sometimes it's not even that I want what the other person has but I find myself stuck thinking that I should want what they have. I blame my parents for this... Growing up all they did was compare us to their friends kids or cousins or random people they didn't even know. I guess they thought it would be a great way to motivate us but ultimately not! I mean, I get what they wanted to do. I'm sure they meant well but it has kind of back fired for me at least.

The good news is, I'm aware of the flaw so I can now spend the rest of my life repairing the many years of damage caused by my loving parents lol Thankfully that's the flaw and it's not anything worse. I can also do everything in my power NOT to pass it on to my son. I do this by reminding myself that the devine Creator brought me to this world and created me unique and so I'm not here to do what everyone is doing because they are doing it. It's a daily exercise! I really have to asses that my choices aren't dictated by influence but of what my true self wants to do and needs to do.

Driving into work everyday has given me plenty of time to try to sort this out in my mind. So much so that I came up with an analogy for it in form of driving. Yup! Everyday driving. We've all heard of the expression "Stay in your lane" but in my latest YouTube video I take that analogy a little further. I mean I could have taken it all the way home lol but then you'd be watching a 45 min video of me talking about how ife is like driving your vehicle. Not necessary I say. Ya'll are smart folks, I think you'll get the point.

My hope is that you can see where you fit in in the example and consider ways to stay in your lane for yourself, whatever your lane looks like.

Do any of you struggle with comparison disorder? I totally just made that up lol or maybe it's a real thing... Anyways, share!

And don't forget to always rise and reign!

xo Danie