Treat Yourself, it's Mother's Day!

As Mother's Day is soon approaching, it is a time to reflect on our moms' nurturing yet strong, loving yet disciplinarian, and caring yet resilient nature. (Which leads me to this one question...are all moms Geminis? Lol) As a proud member of the motherhood club, it is also a time to reflect on our children; not only how much they mean to us and how our love for them transcends almost everything this life has to offer but to evaluate how to make this motherhood journey more fulfilling. For us and our children.

Which mom doesn't enjoy Mother's Day? Aside from all the reflecting, it is a time to be pampered and be reminded how awesome it is to have a uterus! Whether it is being treated to brunch or taken to a lavish spa for a day, these small or large tokens of gratitude are so endearing to the heart. Below are some cute goodies that I look forward to receiving (so much so, I got them myself lol You can check out my haul video here) as well as some that I didn't get but I should have and that you can treat your mom, grandma, sister, best friend...the possibilities are endless! 

All available at  Chapters Indigo

All available at Chapters Indigo

Mother's Day is a time to appreciate the many things our moms have done for us. I am the byproduct of a strong woman. I don't know about you but I've always wondered where my mom got her strength from. "A shot of strength for three, please!" If only it was that easy (lol). Honestly, motherhood is no easy task. "Have a children, they said. It'll be fun, they said." And there are times where you often doubt yourself and your abilities at the task at hand. But I am here to remind you that you are doing a great job and to keep persevering. No mom is perfect but if we can strive to do the best we can for our children daily, we've done more than enough. If I can acquire half the strength my mother had in raising my sister and I, I know I've done and will continue to do a great job in raising my son and future children. Lastly, remember...Mother's Day is just that, a day. Although it is a day to shower your mom with love, be mindful and consistent in reciprocating that same love to her everyday!

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow and honorary members! Keep grinding!

XX Danie