Why we don’t celebrate Halloween – Welcome to Reverse Halloween day!


If you found yourself feeling sorry for my kids, after reading the title of this post - thinking to yourself “them poor babies! What will they do? Where will they get their candy?”...please don’t. Continue to read because there is good news ahead, I promise! Growing up, my parents didn’t let us celebrate Halloween either. Year after year, they would actually make us miss out on school to avoid even accidentally partaking in these celebrations. The thing is, we are Christians and Christians do not celebrate the devil. Or so, that’s what they told us. I just wanted to have fun! No harm done. I wanted candy! But, nope! My parents weren’t having any of it. Furthermore, being of Haitian decent, there is a lot of “baggage” when it comes to demons and as a result, they don’t play when it comes to potentially giving any of that any attention. There was this one year, though, where I was in grade 3 and promised that if they let me go to school on Halloween, I would not even look in the direction of a pumpkin, not even look, I said! And so, they let me. That also turned out to be the year, I dressed up as a pumpkin at school and got caught...that was the end of that.

When I grew older and wiser, not being able to participate in the Halloween activities inside school and out, didn’t hurt as much. If anything, our parents figured we knew better and would try to send us to school, to which we would reply “They have all these demon festivities set up that day, and for the greater good, we think we should sit it out.” Fortunately, they let us and we got a free pass to stay home. Like I said, I got over it but my sister who was much younger than me, had ways to go before she too could get to a place of not caring. So, I might have snuck her out to go Trick or Treating once and when I realized that was way too much work, I resorted to just buying her boxes of assorted candies so that she wouldn’t feel left out from her friends sharing candies the next day.

Fast forward to me as an adult and having kids of my own. My baby has no clue what’s going on. It’s really more so my son, who is now beginning to understand and wanting to partake in the Halloween festivities. This was something I had to seek God out for.

All these years, I didn’t celebrate because our parents didn’t let us. Not necessarily because I agreed with them. Now came the time where we, as parents, had to decide what was best for our family. I remember last year, during my son’s first year of school, my mom had called me the night before Halloween to remind me not to let him go to school. I let him go since he had no idea what was going on anyway. This year, he’s catching on. From coming home with the countdown to Halloween, singing the songs, doing the dances and all the way to wanting a costume! Like whoa, whoa, whoa! Ummm, hold up wait a minute! Were we going to do this for real? I had to ask myself a few questions to make sure this is what we were going to do. I watched a video on YouTube from Jon Jorgenson about if Christians should celebrate Halloween, which is definitely an interesting watch. After watching, it I felt like I had a better understanding and resolve as to how the pagan aspect fit into my whole dilemma. After all, many of the Christian leaders I look up to dressed up their kids, why couldn’t I? It still didn’t feel quite right though. As I drove past some neighbors homes and saw the doom and gloom and scary decoration that seemed to be glorifying death (key word seemed), I felt a conviction in my heart that I could not let my kids celebrate this. I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the negative aspect of it. Trust me, I tried. Although I have nothing against pumpkin decorating and all of that, I feel that God would rather us take a different approach to the whole thing and so Reverse Halloween day was born into the Osman family household. As of right now, it entails staying home from school, getting candy from a special visitor and doing some fun activity outside (weather permitting), all while celebrating the positivity of Fall. Yes, that sounds pretty vague but I just came to this decision and I’m ironing out the details. In the end, you do what’s best for your family, however you feel that looks like and that’s what I’ll be doing with mine :)

Have any of you ever struggled with celebrating Halloween? Share in the comments below!

Danie XO

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