Technology is great but reading a book is even better! Who am I kidding? I would take an hour of continuous social media browsing over reading a book. Not because reading isn't fun, but honestly, social media has a way of sucking me in. Growing up, I was never really one to enjoy reading. My dad had all these sayings about reading books, in attempts to encourage me to do so. Back then, there wasn't even social media to blame. I just wasn't into it. My dad would lead by example and would be reading all the time. In fact, even to this day, he still lends me books from his library, in order to continue to encourage reading. God bless him!

Although this has never caught on to me, I am doing everything in my power to encourage this behavior in my son. I don't find it entirely terrible if he doesn't get into the habit…after all, I never did and I'm pretty alright lol however, I believe in the many benefits of reading and I'd like him to give it a chance. So, here are some of my tips and tricks that I am attempting to encourage a book loving kid - actually kids (as baby number two should be here any day now!)

Books with topics of interest:

 My son happens to be obsessed by dinosaurs, space and butts, yes butts...big butts make him laugh. Anyways, because he finds amusement in those things, I tend to purchase books that touch on those things. Funny books about dinosaurs, pop-up books with cool space facts and animal books with huge elephants, getting their big butts stuck in farm doors. There’s almost a book for everything so, have fun and get creative with it. Besides, you have to read it to them so it might as well entertain you, a little too!

Making books available everywhere:

We really do have books everywhere! In his room, in our room, in the living room and in the car. When he was younger, I'd also always make sure to carry a book, in his diaper bag. If it's accessible, they're more likely to reach out for it. I, intentionally, do not permit any form of streaming in the car so; his only options are either to play with his educational games on his leap pad (which is the main choice right now) or to bring a book to distract himself. I feel like this allows the kid to get into reading rather than turning to tech, all the time.

Making Library trips:

Once a week, I take my son to the library. There, he has no choice but, to read a few books. This is a great way to bond with your kids, as well. I try not to make it a chore for him because, the plan is to not turn him off from reading. Therefore, I try to make it enjoyable. We go through the aisles and he gets to pick what appeals to him. I get him to sit down, get comfortable and then, I read them all to him. In the end, he gets to play with a few, educational toys that are available and we are on our way!

To conclude, leading by example is important too. I am on the computer a lot because I'm often replying to emails, writing posts, or editing videos. My son may perceive that as mom playing on the computer and not understanding that I'm working, however, I make sure that he sees me reading my bible every night or doing some other form of reading. It is important that he see me practicing what I preach.

I hope that these tips are helpful to get you on your way to having book-loving kids! Comment on some of your ‘go to’ tips below!

Happy reading!