Possibly, THE Wall Gallery Post You’ve Been Waiting For | DANIE O


I, never, thought I'd be one to get excited over bed sheets. I guess, I've turned into my mother. Lol. But seriously, now that I'm older, things such as new appliances, pretty bedding and home decorating have me freaking out - in a good way. This is not to say that I'm actually any good at it; home décor - that is but I love it just the same. This is why my latest purchase had me loosing it! No really! The other day, when I was strolling about at Homesense (one of my fave home decor stores), I stumbled across Gallery Perfect, a “hang your own gallery” frame set and I went nuts! I've always wanted to hang family pics in the living room in that whole “gallery like” style that's currently trending but never really knew how. I guess it's pretty basic but I would always over analyze it and as a result, never got to it (I low key think my daughter wanted me to wait for her arrival so she could be included and what a lovely addition she is indeed). But now, with this set, I could. It was only 55 bucks and it came with 7 wooden white frames perfect for our living room.

It also came with nails and gallery instruction sheets. You could add your own pics which I did or you can use the images provided :)

What was there not to be excited about?! I ran, literally ran to the photo center to get some pics developed. Picked the right ones to show off the evolution of our family and hounded my hubby for the installation…and voila! A family gallery in my own living room! I could not be happier and for the price, I say it was pretty worth it.


I have some many other photos to hang but, for now, I say this is a pretty good start.