Co Sleeping the biggest mistake I ever made... and am still making | DANIE O

You often hear that co-sleeping is a bad idea. If you didn't hear it, you sure feel it when you tell someone you co-sleep with your children. They try not to frown down at you - but their judgy glare says it all!

The number one question I get about co-sleeping is "how do you and your husband get it on?" I mean, clearly we do. We managed to have another baby after all (Lol). You find ways to get creative; plus our son is pretty grown so it became easy to send him off to the grandparents for the weekend, after a certain age so that's that on that.

I didn't mean to co-sleep really. I started co-sleeping out of convenience. When my son would cry, it was much easier to have him in the bed with me than to go get him out of his crib and get him back to sleep. So, that's really how it started and my husband agreed it was a good idea to have him near us. Eventually, we got him out of there and he would sleep in the crib, in his room when he was one. But by the age of two, when he learned how to get out of the crib and turn the door knobs, he began to sleep with us again. So what we initially allowed due to not wanting to get up out of our bed and what was sometimes just too cute of a situation to bring him back, has now turned into painful, back aching nights. He won't leave and he cries when you tell him he has to sleep in his room.

But, wait! There's more! Now that we have our daughter, it's beginning to feel very crowded in our king size bed. Yup! It's like I didn't learn my lesson the first time.

We have every intention of getting our son out of our bed come this summer, because he's turning five (and it's well overdue). Also, when it came to down to getting him to sleep on weekdays, he wouldn't want to fall asleep until we would also settle in with him. So, with the school year winding down, we figure if there's a time to rock his sleeping habits and establish new ones, this summer is the right time to do it. I'm also planning to redecorate his room, so I feel that he'll be more excited to sleep in a room with a theme that he contributed to. Honestly, he has no choice either way (Lol) and his baby sis has gotta go too. I'm thinking she'll get to stay in the room but will have to sleep in the crib. I will have to just get up at nights for feedings, if need be. I'll probably do this when she begins to night wean, that way we won't even have to get up. Having learned my lesson, I can't let her stay in the bed that long. I love my kids but this too much! But, until then, I'll continue with my co-sleeping regrets for now and wake up to sweet sweet cuddles in mornings...after all, they aren't going to sleep with us forever, right?!