5 Baby Products I'm crushing on Right Now | Newborn to 6 Months | Danie O

Life with a new baby can cost you. It'll cost you your youth, it'll cost you your time, it'll cost you your money! lol Actually life with children is great lol And it's a good thing I like to spend money ha! Maybe not so good.

There are so many things out on the market now a days for new babies. You can experience a lot of hits or misses when it comes to your purchases. I once bought a baby spoon for 20 dollars. It seemed reasonable at the time. You would put the contents of food in the body of the spoon, then squeeze out the contents through a tiny whole in the spoon itself and feed the baby. I used it once. Needless to say this was money not well spent. Feel free to check out my post on CBC Parents about Money Mistakes New Parents make ;)
Anyways, I have a few things I recently purchased and they are definitely hits and so I'm sharing them with you in today's post.

1- Bandana bibs aka bibdanas

Not only are they stylish and cute, they cover the circumference of my baby's neck just right + they have 2 adjustable snaps. I got the Copper Pearl 4 pack that comes in a variety of styles and is made of 100% cotton from the front and 100% absorbent polyester in the back. The absorption is super important to me, it really does keep baby girl dry! I don't remember needing bibs this early on with my son but I'm sure glad I have these on deck!

2- Mama's life products Shea Butter

All babies are prone to baby acne. There's not much you can do about it. The best thing to do is nothing at all however now that the acne is going away my baby's face is beginning to dry out. This product is a dream on her skin. It can be used everywhere and anywhere but I'm currently applying it to her face once a day after cleaning it with damp cloth. It keeps her face nice and smooth. It's all natural, 100% unrefined raw shea butter has no fragrance (but is available with fragrances), great for moisturizing and like I said can be used all over, from her head down to her toes!

3- Portable diaper genie bags

This is great! I remember when my son was little and someone introduced me to diaper bags. I was hooked! What a great idea! This time around when I went looking for them I came across the diaper genie version. Rather than just having bags floating around in my diaper bag they're neatly placed in a mini diaper genie dispenser and really keep the funk out if you know what I mean ;) lol

4-  Noodle and boo Supersoft baby lotion and 2 in 1 hair and body wash

Since the birth of my son I've always been looking out for safe and gentle products for his skin. Now that my daughter is here it's no different. Over time I've tried several different products. Some good, some not so good. I started off using a Shea Moisture fragrance free wash that was great but my husband would often complain that the baby smelt like milk...I didn't like that and although fragrance free is probably best I do like a bit a fragrance  and so discovering this safe and gentle lotion, wash and shampoo by Noodle and Boo (which I mix with their 100% coconut oil) was a great addition.  Some of the reviews had people complaining about the fragrance being too strong but I didn't think so. She smells soft and sweet just like she is :) and the skin is sooo soft. I say so far so good!

5- Sophie the Giraffe So pure teething ring

I love Sophie the giraffe. So much that I'm giving her another try. What I mean by this is that I got my son the original Sophie teether which he never cared for. So why do  it again? Because she's super cute and I feel like my baby girl will enjoy her. You know how they say every kid is different right? Well, it's true and she's already been showing Sophie some love! It's made with 100% rubber from the hevea tree (I don't know what that is but I love that it comes from a tree lol) and I can breath easy knowing that it's BPA- and Phthalate-free. I'm also in love with the Ana Banana teether by Oli and Carol which looks almost like the real thing and comes in other fruits and veggies which are made from the same ingredients as the giraffe. This is soooo cute and my baby loves it too I alternate between the two.

And there you have it! The top 5 things I'm crushing on for baby right now or at least at the time I initially wrote this post. This list has since grown in size so stay tuned for part two!

What are some of your fave baby products? Share in the comments below!

Danie XO