As the year draws to its end, I find myself reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly. I have to say, I have definitely been blessed with more good. But, as I sit here reflecting, it occurs to me that I'm nowhere where I want to be. I haven't accomplished many of my set goals for the year and it has left me feeling a bit defeated. I guess that's the ugly. But, the more I thought of it that way, I realized that I'm already off to a great start to 2018! And so are you. Let me explain:

I haven't and maybe you haven't achieved your goals for this year. This is a sad but true fact, however, the fact that you are even aware of this, is great. The only way to fix a problem is by being aware of it in the first place, so get that dirt off your shoulders, make a plan and go at it again and win this time!

Another thing is we often take for granted the blessing of being alive and healthy. Listen, if you have health, you've got the best wealth! Don't waste it!

I often find that my "problems" are figureoutable. That said, they aren't real problems. Yes, I don't have tons of money in my account but my bills are paid and I have a roof over my head. My kid and husband are fed, I have a job and I live in a time where I have an access to a wealth of information and so, my dreams are closer and more accessible than ever. So, there you have it! You are already winning at life.

The mistakes along the way help us grow. Plus, they give great stories that you get to share to inspire others about your journey to your destination. Dont give up. You're already half way there. Commit to the work, stand strong in your faith and claim what's yours this 2018! I know I will!

Happy New Year!

XO Danie