Resurrection Easter Hunt

Easter is almost here! And so I thought I'd share my new Easter tradition! It's the Easter Resurrection Hunt! Where we aren't hunting for eggs or bunnies but rather symbolic themes of the resurrection. After all He came from heaven to Earth and it was not so that the Easter bunny could have his moment in the sun.

In a time where Easter has been heavily commercialized I took it upon myself not to buy into all that bunny stuff (as cute as it may be). I don't knock anyone who does it really but it's not for me. I always told myself that when I would have kids I wanted occasions such as Christmas and Easter to mean what we believe they mean. They can still be super cool and fun holidays and Jesus doesn't have to be taken away from the message. And so for the first time get to implement my take on these festivities starting with my first annual Resurrection Easter hunt.

I knew this was the year where my son could partake in the Easter activities and I thought, how could I make it more about the resurrection without making it depressing and sucking all the fun out of it? Then one day while we were cleaning up one of his puzzles in his room I told him to go looking for the missing pieces which happened to be laying around different sections of the house and then it hit me. I can plan the hunt like a memory puzzle where there would be an image and he would have to find that same image somewhere around the house or in the back yard! And so here is what I came up with, I hunt sheet with images symbolic to the resurrection:

There will be matching images cut outs laying about in the yard or in the house (it's pretty cold this year and so it will most likely be happening indoors for us)

As you find each item you can tick it off the sheet. My son is 2 and a half years old and so I can use this as a teaching moment, trying to explain what each symbol means as we find them. Again, because my son is 2 I stuck with symbols that were a bit easy to explain. Some obvious and some randoms like the splash of water for purity/washing sins clean, a splatter of mud for dirtiness/sin but there are so many options you could go with! Plus the bonus would be that for every symbol he finds he would get a treat! In the end once we've completed the hunt he would get the winning treat!

Now you'll see that again I stayed away from bunny like chocolates and stuff (I felt like the duck was pretty generic lol) but that's because I didn't want him to associate Easter with eggs or bunnies at all. But there you have it, a simple yet fun way for your kid(s) still have fun but taking in the message! What is even better is that if you wanted to, you could set this up as a church group activity or an activity for family and friends. And as your kids get older your puzzles could get more challenging until they out grow the whole hunt concept completely. I look forward to this years hunt and the many more to come!

Happy Easter and happy hunting!

Danie OComment