What a time to be alive! And to be having a baby! Growing up, I used to fantasize about all the cool things I would do when I would be expecting. Now, fast forward to today, to all the cooler things I can experience now that I am having a baby. It’s a great time indeed J

If I think back, it seems to me that the most exciting thing an expecting couple could look forward to (apart from the baby) was the baby shower. Now, we have sexy pregnancy clothes, fancy maternity photo shoots, awesome medical advancements that allows you to see your little one in 3D, showers, sprinkles, drizzles, gender and/or pregnancy reveal parties, you naaame it! **Shirley Ceasar voice** But, out of that never ending list, the gender reveal parties seems to be really big deal.

I think this type of party is very cute as, it allows so much room for creativity, which would usually be a no brainer for me to partake in, but not this time. I will not be finding out the gender of my second child. Gasps! Ya, people seem to be really shocked about this… But, my mind is made up and I’m sticking to it. I still enjoy watching gender reveals on Instagram and YouTube though, but I recently saw a few on the Shaderoom that struck a nerve with me. They were called gender reveals gone wrong. Basically, it was people reacting poorly to the revealed, unexpected gender and it was not cute to watch. They looked so ungrateful, like, do you know there are tons of people who cannot bring in babies? Let alone, healthy babies into this world, but you want to be mad because the baby does not have the gender that you want?! But, I’m not actually judging these people because I understand. I understand, far too well, because that was me 4 years ago and I’m not proud of it.

When I was pregnant with my son, my sister and I had the whole day planned out. We were going to go to my ultrasound appointment to find out I was having a girl, I was sooo sure of this. Afterwards, we were going to go have lunch to celebrate, followed by a crazy shopping frenzy of cute, girly things! Instead, I found out it was a boy and I was so devastated that I skipped lunch and didn’t even want to shop. Me, not want to shop?! In the end, my sis convinced me to go to the mall anyway, but I didn’t get much and I was in a sour mood the whole time. Talk about sore looser… Maybe it was a lack of maturity or the fact that I’m pretty used to getting my way, but I acted like a total spoiled brat and I will not allow myself to do that again. And again, I get it, we all have expectations in life, but I think we need to be a bit more neutral to the things that are outside of our control. I could not have imagined loving my son the way that I love him. Needless to say, my perception on baby boys has been completely changed. Now, all I want is a healthy baby. I’m blessed to be having one any way and that is good enough for me. Plus, I want to encourage others to know a healthy baby is enough too. I guess my miscarriages taught me a thing or two about gratitude.

So, no cool gender reveals from me. I’m not discouraging them for others, but rather for them to approach it with a more fun and opened mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dying to know what the gender of my baby is! But, I’m also excited to experience the surprise as I give birth, like in the old days before ultrasounds and medical gadgets. I see it as incentive to push! ;)