Wedding season is upon us (it's been upon us really lol)! And as I gear up to attend a few of them, I can't help but to think of mine. I was so excited and so in love! So, when I think about those feelings, I get so happy for the future bride because I know how she could be feeling. On the flip side though, I also remember the negative things. I think of all the things I wish I knew or things I did wrong back then and that I would have totally done differently.

So allow me to introduce this inspired post, which hopefully will help you prevent some of the mistakes I made in no particular order.

1- Not following my gut

Honestly, when I think back at my hairstyle, on that day, I get so upset. Not because I looked bad, but it wasn't the initial hairstyle I wanted. I allowed myself to be swayed by the opinions of others and went with something other than my original vision. There are a few times in life where people will bombard you with their personal opinions and claim it as the gospel truth (honestly, it doesn't even feel like opinions anymore, more like they're indirectly telling you what to do), the days leading up to your wedding and when you have a baby (however, now a days, it feels like people are giving you opinions all the time). So, I look back at photos thinking of how much better I could have looked had I just did me. Do you!

2- Not saving enough before the big day

Yup! Like many others, I spent more than I had with money I didn't have. I'm naturally a big spender and I tend to frivolously buy things I don't really need. So, when it came to my wedding, it was no different. It was actually much worse! Know that if i didn't have it, I really couldn't get the credit for it (Lol), which I came to realize was for the best. I had no budget, which was probably one of the biggest problems and I paid for it later on, when I was swimming in debt 2 years into our marriage with a newborn son. Needless to say, I would have done that differently for sure. I would have still spent the cash, I don't regret the event at all. Actually, I would have saved so much more to go the extra mile but a bit more wisely for sure and with cash on hand. Save your coins, so you can freely enjoy your day ;) You'll be glad you did.

3- Get help

I suffer from pride issues. I can either have too much or in some cases almost none (Lol), but it's usually the former vs the latter. It's as though, if I ask you for help, I have a weakness of some sort, which I know isn't true but, I feel how I feel. Although I had 5 bridesmaids and both a maid and matron of honor, I tried to do everything myself. That said, although I had printed out the wedding program (which were supposed to be used as fans for the guests), they never made it to the church along with my seating plan. That never got done. In the end, when I showed up to the venue, everyone was seated so it worked out but believe me when I say, I spent the whole morning leading up to the ceremony, most definitely scressed out about it (yup, I meant to say scressed and not stressed because it was on a whole other level of stress lol). Don't play yourself.

4- Block out the negativity

Your wedding day should be a stress and negative free day! In order to make that happen, you have to protect your circle. Circle yourself with nothing but good vibes and good people. We don't need no Debbie Downers! If you can manage to stay away from your phone, that would be a great idea too. The last thing you need is a call about how your reception venue looks like trash. Yes, this happened to me. My dad went to drop off something at the venue and called me frantically about how I was going to embarrass HIM by having guests show up at this undecorated venue. Turned out that everything was fine but he sure made me panic, which was the last thing I needed that day. Moral of the story: have someone handle your calls and put out any fires that may come up.

5- Take in the day

This is your wedding day - enjoy it! You may get married time and time again(hopefully not) but, there will never be a first wedding day again, so cherish it. Take in every moment, because it goes by so fast. You'll wake up, blink and it'll be midnight. So as busy as it can be, TRY! Try to embrace every moment and enjoy your big day!

Anyways, I plan to do it all over again on a remote island somewhere with close family and friends. My way, with the things I know now for our 10th anniversary. I deserve a do over! #4yearstogo

Married already? What do you wish you did differently?