Rice Krispies Squares Recipe

I know people often make the promise that their recipe is the best and that you've never tasted anything like theirs before and in many cases this is a lie however, I promise you that I'm not lying! How? How can I promise that? Well, my dear friends this is because these rice krispies squares were made with love and passion and food made out of love and passion is the best kind of food!

So here's a quick bit of background story. I've been craving rice krispies squares for a while now following a work party where I had one after so many years. I'm talking over 10 years here. It brought me back to a time, a simpler time, my childhood where rice Krispies treats were all the rage lol My mom would have never made them for me (not out of lack of love but culturally she had no idea what they were lol) and so they were rare but oh so enjoyed when had.

But today, today was the day! Once I found out how easy it was to make them, I did just that! And so this is your beginner, kitchen virgin friendly, passion filled mmm mmm good Rice Krispies Squares recipe! Enjoy!

You'll need:

4 tbs of Butter

5 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal

1 pack of Marshmallows

Love (Ha! I had to!)

In a bowl, melt the butter, they say it's best over the stove top but I did it in the microwave and still got great results!

Add in marshmallows and stir, I had put mine in the microwave again. I warmed them up in increments of 30 sec to avoid any funny business (there once was this burnt chocolate incident, it was bad). You want everything melted down and soft.


I then added the Rice Krispies.

I mixed with love and when it was all properly mixed I placed the contents (and pressed them in) in a aluminum foiled covered pan and allowed it to cool. This took about 30 minutes. To be honest I was so eager to have some so I did 30 minutes however I think an extra 30 would have given them added solidness (which it ended up doing later but it still remained goowy. Yum!).

Once cooled, cut them out into to squares and serve to your loved ones!

And there you have it, as promised an easy and very yummy Rice Krispies treat recipe! Enjoy!