Purple Noodles a.k.a Unicorn Noodles

You don't see purple noodles everyday that's for sure.

So one might ask what the inspiration behind it is. Truthfully, I saw a post on Instagram with purple noodles. They were glass noodles which I totally would have used had I found them (and would suggest using if you attempt this recipe. I used rice nnodles). In addition they were dyed naturally so that also caught my interest. I guess I can say I was interested in the science behind it really lol But then I thought it would be fun not only to make them but to feed it to my 3 year old picky eater. Now, the logic behind that is that he would actually want to eat it because it was unusual...

How did that go? What's the recipe? How did I get the noodles to turn purple? Check out my video to find out!

Would you eat purple noodles?

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